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All-Nippon News Network
ANN logo.svg
TypeBroadcast television network
Picture format1080i (HD)
OwnerThe Asahi Shimbun
TV Asahi Corporation (株式会社テレビ朝日)
Key peopleMasao Kimiwada
Founded1959; 61 years ago (1959)
LaunchedFebruary 1, 1959 (TV Asahi)
January 1, 1970 (as ANN)
WebsiteANN Official Website
Old ANN logo (until September 2003)

All-Nippon News Network (オールニッポンニュース・ネットワーク, Ōru Nippon Nyūsu Nettowāku), or ANN, is a commercial television news network in Japan run by TV Asahi Corporation.

ANN is the broadcast supplier of news programmes and news exchange to all ANN-affiliated stations. It also operates the 24-hour satellite and cable news channel Asahi Newstar.

All-Nippon News Network stations[edit]

Station abbreviation Station Call sign Broadcast area (Prefectures) LCN
EX TV Asahi/テレビ朝日 JOEX-DTV Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki and Tochigi 5
ABC Asahi Hōsō TV / 朝日放送テレビ JOAY-DTV Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Shiga and Wakayama 6
NBN Mētele / メ~テレ JOLX-DTV Aichi, Gifu and Mie 6
AAB Akita Asahi Hōsō / 秋田朝日放送 JOXX-DTV Akita 5
ABA Aomori Asahi Hōsō / 青森朝日放送 JOAH-DTV Aomori 5
eat Ehime Asahi TV / 愛媛朝日テレビ JOEY-DTV Ehime 5
FBC Fukui Hōsō / 福井放送 JOPR-DTV Fukui 7 (NNN)
KBC Kyushu Asahi Hōsō / 九州朝日放送 JOIF-DTV Fukuoka 1
KFB Fukushima Hōsō / 福島放送 JOJI-DTV Fukushima 5
HOME Hiroshima Home TV / 広島ホームテレビ JOGM-DTV Hiroshima 5
HTB Hokkaidō TV / 北海道テレビ JOHH-DTV Hokkaidō 6
HAB Hokuriku Asahi Hōsō / 北陸朝日放送 JOWY-DTV Ishikawa 5
IAT Iwate Asahi TV / 岩手朝日テレビ JOIY-DTV Iwate 5
KSB Setonaikai Hōsō / 瀬戸内海放送 JOVH-DTV Kagawa and Okayama 5
KKB [ja] Kagoshima Hōsō / 鹿児島放送 JOTI-DTV Kagoshima 5
KAB Kumamoto Asahi Hōsō / 熊本朝日放送 JOZI-DTV Kumamoto 5
KHB Higashinippon Hōsō / 東日本放送 JOEM-DTV Miyagi 5
UMK TV Miyazaki / テレビ宮崎 JODI-DTV Miyazaki 3 (FNN, NNN)
abn Nagano Asahi Hōsō / 長野朝日放送 JOGH-DTV Nagano 5
NCC [ja] Nagasaki Bunka Hoso / 長崎文化放送 JOXI-DTV Nagasaki 5
UX Niigata TV 21 / 新潟テレビ21 JOUX-DTV Niigata 5
OAB Oita Asahi Hōsō / 大分朝日放送 JOBX-DTV Oita 5
QAB Ryūkyū Asahi Hōsō / 琉球朝日放送 JORY-DTV Okinawa 5
SATV [ja] Shizuoka Asahi TV / 静岡朝日テレビ JOSI-DTV Shizuoka 5
YTS Yamagata TV / 山形テレビ JOYI-DTV Yamagata 5
yab [ja] Yamaguchi Asahi Hōsō / 山口朝日放送 JOYX-DTV Yamaguchi 5
There are no affiliates in Kōchi (served by eat and KSB), San-in (consisting of Shimane and Tottori; served by yab and HOME for Shimane, and KSB for Tottori), Saga (served by KBC), Tokushima (served by ABC), Toyama (served by NBN and later by KNB of NNN), and Yamanashi prefectures (served by EX).
BSA BS Asahi / ビーエス朝日 -- Japanese whole area (Broadcasting Satellite) 5 (BS)

Former stations[edit]

Station abbreviation Station Call sign Reasons of the switch Channel number at time of switch
ATV Aomori TV/青森テレビ JOAI-TV Dropped the secondary affiliation after a violation on their agreement in 1975. Currently the station airs TBS shows, as well as some Fuji TV and TV Tokyo shows. ANN/TV Asahi moved to RAB until 1991. 38
RAB Aomori Hoso / 青森放送 JOGR-TV Secondary affiliation, dropped with launch of ABA in 1991. 1
TVI TV Iwate / テレビ岩手 JOII-TV Now fully affiliated to NNN, ANN programming moved in 1996 to IAT. Some ANN programs that were not cleared by TVI aired on IBC. 35
MMT Miyagi TV / 宮城テレビ放送 JOMM-TV Became a full affiliate of NNN/NNS when KHB began broadcasting in 1975. 34
NST NST TV / 新潟総合テレビ JONH-TV Secondary affiliation. NST was a triple affiliate of FNN, NNN and ANN. NNN programming moved to TNN/TeNY in 1981 and TV Asahi programming moved to NT21/ux in 1983. 35
TSB TV Shinshu / テレビ信州 JONI-TV Became a full NNN affiliate when ABN started broadcasting in 1991, taking over the TV Asahi schedule from TSB. 30
CTV Chūkyō TV / 中京テレビ放送 JOCH-TV Switched networks with TV Nagoya (NBN) in 1973. Now an NNN/NNS affiliate. 35
MBS MBS TV / 毎日放送 JOOR-TV Swapped networks with ABC in 1975 because of ownership issues: all stations owned (and linked) to the Asahi Shimbun were now required to become affiliates of TV Asahi. As a result, MBS was now a JNN/TBS affiliate, and is still a significant producer for the network. 4
NKT Nihonkai TV / 日本海テレビジョン放送 JOJX-TV Secondary affiliation, from the founding of the network until 1989. BSS and TSK now carry some TV Asahi shows on their schedules. There is currently no primary ANN affiliate in the San-in area. 1
tys TV Yamaguchi System / テレビ山口 JOLI-TV Changed networks to a dual network affiliate of JNN and FNN. ANN programming moved to KRY in 1978, then to yab in 1993. 38
KRY KRY TV / 山口放送 JOPF-TV Dropped ANN programming in favor of a full NNN/NNS affiliation in 1993. TV Asahi programming moved to yab. 11
OHK OHK TV / 岡山放送 JOOH-TV Became a full FNN affiliate in 1979. ANN programming moved to KSB. The reason this was made was because the station, unlike KSB, did not broadcast to Kagawa until 1979. 35
TKU TV Kumamoto / テレビ熊本 JOZH-TV Now a full affiliate of FNN. KAB is the current ANN affiliate. 34
TOS TV Oita / テレビ大分 JOOI-TV Secondary affiliation, ANN programming moved to OAB in 1993. Currently, TV Oita is an affiliate of NNN, holding a secondary affiliation with FNN. 36
KTS Kagoshima Television Station / 鹿児島テレビ放送 JOTI-DTV ANN programming moved to KKB in 1982. The station is now affiliated to FNN. 38

◆ = former primary affiliate

Virtual channel number[edit]

1 Operating on TV and radio. 2 ANN key station. 3 Also under other networks.


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