International border states of the United States

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International border states are shown in red on this map. Florida shares a water border with Cuba.

The international border states are those states in the U.S. that border either Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or Russia. With a total of eighteen of such states, thirteen lie on the U.S.–Canada border, four on the U.S.–Mexico border, and one consists of a maritime borders with Cuba and The Bahamas.

States along U.S.–Canada[edit]

Thirteen states lie on the U.S.–Canada border. The U.S. states of Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin do not share a direct geographic border with Canada. They do, however, possess customs facilities due to their place along the Great Lakes, which leads to the Canadian border. (All three states connect Lake Michigan, while Wisconsin also connects to Lake Superior).

State Adjacent


Length of Border[1] Description of border
Alaska BC and YT 1,538 mi (2,475 km)
Michigan ON 721 mi (1,160 km) water boundary
Maine NB, NS, and QC 611 mi (983 km) water boundary with Nova Scotia
Minnesota MB and ON 547 mi (880 km) water boundary with Ontario
Montana AB, BC, and SK 545 mi (877 km)
New York ON and QC 445 mi (716 km) water boundary with Ontario
Washington BC 427 mi (687 km)
North Dakota MB and SK 310 mi (499 km)
Ohio ON 146 mi (235 km) On Lake Erie
Vermont QC 90 mi (145 km)
New Hampshire QC 58 mi (93 km)
Idaho BC 45 mi (72 km)
Pennsylvania ON 42 mi (68 km) On Lake Erie

Other U.S. border states[edit]

Four states lie on the U.S.–Mexico border, while the U.S. state of Florida shares a water boundary with Cuba and The Bahamas; Alaska shares a water boundary with Russia (as well as a land border with Canada).

State Length of Border[1] Bordering Country
Alaska 1,538 mi (2,475 km) Russia (water boundary)

(Canada to the east)

Texas 1,241 mi (1,997 km) Mexico
Arizona 373 mi (600 km) Mexico
New Mexico 180 mi (290 km) Mexico
California 140 mi (225 km) Mexico
Florida Cuba and The Bahamas (water boundaries)

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